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Primary Package - US$ 14.95/month

  • 1 GB disk space
  • FTP account for 24/7 updates
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • PHP, Perl scripts
  • Your own cgibin directory
  • MySQL™ database
  • SSI (SHTML support) US$ 3.00/month extra
  • SSH (secure Telnet) US$ 5.00/month extra


Investment Package - US$ 19.95/month

Details of the hosting package are the same as the Primary Package shown above, except:
US$ 5.00 per month of the hosting fee is used solely to finance the space business operations of The L5 Development Group. In return for the investment, L5$ 5.00 will be deposited into an account with The L5 National Bank, convertible to currency when The L5 Development Group returns a profit, or such sooner time as its Board of Directors orders.
NOTE: This offering is not listed with the US SEC or any other regulatory agency. At present, it is only offered as a "novelty" item. This will change in the future, and all "novelty" obligations will be honored at that time.





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The L5 Development Group


Limited Edition Photo, Investment Quality Fine Art Prints


L5 Software Development


Photo By Fred, Your Daily Dose of Art


Fred Koschara's Home Page
Fred Koschara's Personal Home Page






FredLines T-Shirts, T-shirts for the thinking mind


The Koschara Family Domain





The Construction Zone

the road to success is always under construction


Web sites currently in [initial] development.


The L5 National Bank


LunaRobots - control [simulated] robots on the Lunar surface


Home page of the L5 Nation


Home page of the L5 Colony - the social point for the off-world crowd


Interplanet Dating - Find a mate from any of the inhabited worlds



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